Termite Control Services

test1Termite inspections are free to homeowners. If you are concerned that you have termites or are seeing evidence of possible termite infestations, please do not hesitate to call us. We can schedule a termite inspection for you today.Read More
drywood_termitesDrywood Termites are up to one-half inch long. Drywood termites create colonies in wood and require very little moisture to survive.Read More
subterranean_termitesSubterranean Termites are social insects that live in large, underground colonies. Although they could number in the millions, you might never see them or any evidence of them – until you discover that they’ve done serious damage to your home.Read More
wood_repairBug Muggers Termite Co. has years of experience with the repair of termite and dry-rot damage wood members. Below is a list of just some of the repairs that our experienced carpenters can handle.Read More
Insects that feed or tunnel into wood can seriously damage houses, apartments, and other dwellings or structures. Each each year termites or other wood destroying insects damaged approximate 2 million homes.Read More
annual_maintenance_planOur homes are our greatest investment and termites can go years undetected. Why not give yourself the peace of mind knowing that a trained professional will inspect your home annually. Our yearly low cost maintenance plan will detect infestations early and we will treat them while in accessible areas.Read More